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Blog/Tutorials/Backup configuration on tiligus

How to set up server backups on tiligus
  1. What are backups good for?
  2. Setting up automatic backups
  3. Restore from backup
  4. Technical details
What are backups good for?
Backups for minecraft servers are very important, as your server is public unless you have a whitelist turned on and anyone can join, sometimes griffers, these are people who will deliberately try to destroy buildings if a normal player has permission to do so. It's a very awkward situation that happened to me before I started tiligus, it's very awkward when someone destroys the world you spent weeks or months with your friends.
Additional backup usage may be needed if you use a plugin, that accidentally damages your world.

Setting up automatic backups
Backups are set up on the tiligus platform 1) Login and Click on Profile -> Backups 2) Click on the server for which you want to set up backups and click configure 3) Select the worlds you want to back up and click on save changes 4) Your first backup will be created and additional backups will be created at a set time interval, with up to 5 backups per server
Restore from backup
1) On the backup page, click on the server you want to restore from backup, select the backup, click on it and click and restore, then your server will be shut down and it will restore from backup, then it will automatically start
Technical details
I'm writing this here for those more familiar with Linux, backups are done via SSH of your server and password authorization is used, don't worry, our backup servers check your server fingerprint and everything is done over the internal tiligus network, it's just more of a warning that if you want to use backups you must not disable password authorization, for example if you were using SSH key login.